Craft Beer

This is where I would like to have a running list of “beer reviews”. I love to try different craft brews everywhere I go.

At this point in my young adult life, I’ve tried numerous different brews. It would be pointless to try and retroactively comment on beers, so as a general “rule”, I will be starting now, and moving forward. I will attempt to revisit any and all beers that I’ve already had. I also intend to put a date and current age on each beer, to see if my tastes shift throughout the years.

Bottoms up!



  • Elder Betty (Elderberry Weiss) – 5.5% ABV / 13 IBU / 5.5 SRM
  • “The wisdom of ages hangs sweet and free from the branches of Elder Betty’s elderberry tree. She is the matriarch of the summer sun and the spirit in our bare dancing feet. Listen for her on warm waves and winds, as the joy of a thousand lifetimes flows from the earth through her branches, and drink her offering with ecstatic abandon.” (Magic Hat website)
    • 7/25/2018 (age: 27)
      • I was pleasantly surprised with this brew. I am not the biggest fan of berry-infused beers, but the elderberry flavor was subtle enough to make this beer quite refreshing. It can be drank with ease and delight by any casual beer-drinker. My only negative is that it felt a little pale. I would have preferred that the body was a little more bold, with the berry cutting through just a tad more, leading to more of a two-headed burst flavor, rather than a single stream of tastiness. All in all, though; pretty good.
      • Rating: 8/10
  • Circus Boy (Hefeweizen) – 4.5% ABV / 15 IBU / 6 SRM
  • “Is he a who? Or a what? Or perhaps some of both? No one knows for sure as he only travels under heavy clouds of night… Away from his cage, he appears in the distance, causing mischief all around him.” (Magic Hat website)
    • 7/25/2018 (age: 27)
      • Oh boy, Hefeweizens. I’ve always been a fan of the big, strong, German-style beers. This is not that. MH classifies this as an American-style Hefeweizen. It’s lighter in body, but equally as enjoyable. I have only had one bottle of this so far, so a more in-depth review is coming…
      • 1 bottle rating: 8/10